I remember how it started, it was the first ‘horror’ film I ever saw. It was The Terminator 1. Well, it is not actually a horror film in the sense how films are nowadays. But I was very young which made it even more terrifying. I believe the actual genre of the film is action if you refer to it in todays terminology.

In my family, parents didn’t allow watching scary films. Terminator like many other movies had an age limit, 16 I believe. And now I believe even further, that this age limit is for a pretty good reason. There was a friend who had the privlidge of having all the scariest films. I wasn’t up for the most horrifying stuff so we decided to watch this classic instead.

I remember that the story was a lot about running a way. Similar to many other horror films which have this theme. You have the bad guy, and then you just run, run as far as you can. But still, that guy is out to catch you. In this case, the guy was a particularly bad nasty with a lot of super natural skills that could kill you in a second. That’s where the terminator came in to protect the little kid who’s purpose is to safe humanity in the future from evil robots and such. Probably you know the story already but it was pretty impressive as a child and I couldn’t help but watch it until the end.

But on the negative side of things, it really impacted my life. Probably it helped to trigger some fear that was already within. Because I got scared at things like going back home. But in the end, I realised that this fear was something I just had to man out so to say. I did stuff like going out at night in the dark, even though I was scared and didn’t want to. Phasing your fears became like an addiction and here I am, doing the craziest shit and travelling around the world. From China to Japan to pretty much anywhere far.

I don’t know if it’s the Terminator movie I have to thank for to have made it this far. But surely it was one of those important events in life where it was good that I didn’t listen to my mother. And I think that there are a lot of moments like that in life, throughout life in adulthood too. This was my little introduction to myself, somewhat weird but hopefully interesting enough for you to have a read, as well as a laugh.

See you soon film freaks,