Massage in The Movies and in The Real

Plenty of movies feature massage scenes, what I’ve always wondered is why they always have to be related to “glad females” or the sort. What’s best about massage if you ask me, is the authenticity of it all. When people say they enjoy massage tourism, it can mean two totally opposite things. I personally love to experience massage in different countries when traveling, and look for something that’s real and authentic to according to tradition. This stuff has been invented way before the christ, so naturally the best way to find the best massage is to find people who respect that tradition. In China, massage is a big and integrated part of the traditional Chinese medicine known as TCM. In the west you just pop pills in your mouth while your body stays tense and stressed out, not to mention that a lot of modern medication increases bodily fatigue. But in China and a lot of Asian countries they have understood things the other way around. In fact it’s quite certain that a lot of things in the west can be considered being the wrong way around, especially when it comes to healing and medicine practices.

Just like in the movies, a lot of professional masseurs in the states and elsewhere are pretty expensive. Of course if you have the bucks they can be pretty easy to find, by looking for medical services. But massage is a holistic practice at it’s best, which is something that if somewhere, in China people can understand. Amongst the abundance of dodgy establishments, non-licensed parlors, foot massage where you go to drink beer and chat.. there is a whole industry lead by people who are experts in their profession and can be call even gurus. With magic hands, the most skillful of massage in China can cure illness, pains, mental health and just about anything. But it must be combined with advice on how to maintain that blissful state that you get after a long and profound massage experience. This is done by maintaining those achieves energy levels, and making sure through diet and exercise that your life energy flow is in balance. It consists of yin and yang, more commonly known in the west as positive and negative energies. Everything needs to be balanced according to traditional Chinese medicine and that my friends they don’t teach in the movies unfortunately! You need to travel and venture to some of the most peculiar looking massage places in small streets, that’s where you need to go to find your own guru who will show you the ropes. This even in the west with money can be difficult, in fact there is a Chinese guy in New York who is famous for giving massage for free. Because his passion is to help people and through this compassion he is able to do work that is considered miracle in magnitude.

In real life, my best experience are in China without a doubt and namely the city of Beijing has been the prime target for holistic experiences. In this city, you can even spend a little extra for a luxury spa and they carry not only awesome staff but take pride in mastering unique, licensed practice. In fact, if you are a first timer, I suggest to go and experience a really good Beijing foot spa which will get you interested. It’s not just all pure pleasure as pushing the points in your feet that have problems in them, will hurt more or less. But that first real sensation of having five kilos lifted off your shoulders just by pressing the right buttons is an eye opener. From the foot massage, you can evolve to more holistic stuff like full body massage and stone therapies. Once you are sure that massage is your thing, you are ready to venture to those small streets and experience action on the level of films. And dear god, make sure you don’t venture into any bad places that sell extra services because they are dangerous and not that fun really. China is a country were sexually is repressed and those kinds of jobs are really looked down upon. In fact, it is a huge shame to do such work even though all the men that commonly use this services will feel like everything morally right. But looking at the state of the workers, there are a lot of sad souls out there so just be carefully. Get a recommendation of a medical practice establishment, where they concentrate on healing you and I guarantee this will be a much more memorable experience than getting ripped off and loosing your wallet to some scumbags.

PS! A friend recommended a great massage and spa place right in Beijing’s city buzz — at some of the most thrilling hotel locations!

So there you have it. Another insightful rant on travel in China.



  1. Push your body to the limits of relaxation without doing much?
    This does sound pretty great to me. Alex.

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