Anything that stands out deserves the chance to be watched. It’s pretty obvious that most of the stuff available today is going to either terrify, or to please. Dear God No Movie was one of those cinema spectacles that didn’t go down the pleasing road. Instead it set out to travel out into stupidity with it’s brilliance if that makes any sense at all.

It was a corner stone of achievements for many, including the directors, the actors and even the spectators. That’s why we set on this trip to blow our minds with new kinds of horizons in the entertainment industry. I am not that sure, if any of the cast that were with us follow us as far as we would like. That’s why we have started this blog to at least catch some of you poor souls and readers to join on our ride throughout the world.

With new goggles, and Google as our best friend, – ever. We searched for crazy and fun stuff to do in different locations. We didn’t care if it was on our home turf or out in the open. Also known as the “World Wide World” which brought us not only an incredible Cinema experience. But at times, we couldn’t understand anything and just had to go with the flow.

We humbly hope, that this new idea for the blog will bloom it to it’s full width cinema form. As well as bloom to the full capacity to reflect our wicked minds. Are you ready?