It’s been quite some days, time is going fast as is the pace of life here in the land of the republic. Contrary to misunderstood belief, the Chinese talk alot and are very open. Something hard to imagine, is an isolated Chinese but I am sure that they do exist. But in a social culture, where no one except me goes to eat outside alone, there must not be so much understanding for lonely souls. But it’s fantastic when you get into that social sphere or things. Also it’s important to manage it right so that you can have the right distance with people. There are many, who prefer to spend every moment of their lives with someone. Constantly talking, the chatter box continues. I need a bit of space for myself from time to time. One way to get that, is to be yourself. And as a crazy movie director personality, being one hundred plus one percent original is not going to fit a hundred percent either. Leaving mostly those friends who are really interested in creating their own lives.

Just as lonely people, it’s sometimes hard to imagine highly independent and career driven Chinese people. But as high as the contrast is to the ordinary folk, they are as highly proficient in their ways to navigate through their surrounding landscape. Not just in the major cities such as Shanghai & Beijing, but smaller cities always have their entrepreneurs and uniquely talented people. Now more than ever, the Chinese have the resources to take all that brilliance to use. One should just get out of that comfort zone which to Chinese is doing everything together. And of course it is both a strength and a weakness just as anything in this life.

But how to penetrate to the movie, show and nightlife industry of China is a question that is constantly in my mind. To see a movie like Dear God No on the screens is going to be the ultimate step of a new kind of government for the country. So it’s definitely not on my list of priorities. I am more interested in the reality of things, how we can start to approach that and have expression as the underlying force of freedom. This is much more than just talk about art, movies or performance. The surroundings of this place, have been moulded to hard clay. To loosen it, they need an axe. Then add in the western viewpoint and you really have an interesting situation in your hands.

Sometimes I feel like it’s all about the mind. It takes different shapes and creates the surroundings which facilitate our livelihood. But instead of just going from one fixed way of thinking to another by outsourced forces. It all needs to be broken and built again from scratch. For this, we need crazy films and productions that make us horrified, disgusted and delighted all at the same time. We need to feel and find stronger moments in life that makes us life our assess to heaven, bloody h*ll!

Nihao & all,