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Remember those small Quicktime movies that you downloaded with your modem for ages and even though they could support a very small screen size, with poor quality.. just having moving video on your PC was exciting as hell! By then, everyone was embracing the benefits of video files within the confinements of the bandwidth and processing power at the time. Yet doing the same for movies and films was just something unimaginable. Pc’s were just bringing a modern luxury which was still inconvenient enough to loose to a walk to the nearest DVD rental store. Then came broadband which changed everything for ever. But then came HD quality video and streaming power which changed everything once again for ever. The progress was so fast that it’s easier to remember those times when there was none. Technology was fast to adapt and those with rental or other conventional businesses such as DVD copy sales were the slow ones. Shutting down stores and blaming piracy, just as the music industry. Yes, especially in the horror movie industry there are plenty of collectors who like to have their flicks wrapped in gore galore with nice DVD jackets. Even VHS seems a never ending format when it comes to true movie freaks. But this post is not about the material world in it’s traditional sense, it’s about the digital times that have come for good. At least, as far as we have a good supply of electricity available.

Setting up a website that supports movie streaming is not as easy as it may seem. Along with the abundance of web hosting companies like Dreamhost, InMotion, HostGator, Hostwinds, Media Temple, GoDaddy, 1&1, SiteGround, Bluehost and many more it’s easy to get lost. Just choosing any cheap host just isn’t going to do it, especially if you are running WordPress which most likely you are. Yes, it has been estimated or claimed that WordPress is being utilized by around 25% of all the websites in existence. Now that is a staggering number and along with all the other Content Management Systems out there, it seems that old times of HTML optimized speed performance are another fading factor from the internet sphere. So while on one hand the we don’t need to trim code to get sufficient performance out of website performance, on the other side of things websites are getting a lot heavier. WordPress being probably the biggest culprit for eating web resources, those that in return we need to push up. We have settled with the popular HostGator WordPress Hosting which has gotten surprisingly good reviews. While it’s a big company, it’s also affordable and the results simply speak for themselves. Even having just little experience of using the provider, I am absolutely thrilled by the huge boost in performance I have seen with HostGator. They also have an ordinary and cheap plan that’s for just regular bloggers. But getting the most out of your CMS¬†install so that it can stream large quantities of data without any worry of lacking in resources, these kinds of WordPress Hosting options have been a welcomed addition to those who cant afford their own code.

In conclusion, we have approached a milestone in hosting and running online movie businesses. You could say, that while in the old times anyone could setup a movie rental shop, now with even less difficulty one can start streaming them from your own website. With the abundant plugins, widget and ready made themes that facilitate the easy use of WP, even dear god cannot stop us now! Embracing the future is the only way to tap in to modern cinema. A spectacle that needs to be experienced to be believed in!



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  1. HostGator is a big company so it does have it’s up and downs. Definitely if you want huge server power, it’s the way to go. Dear god, I’ve been a customer for years and it’s a sort of a love hate responsibility. If I personally could afford it, I would go with a smaller, more expensive company. Btw. the movie streaming idea sounds gorgeous!

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