I haven’t really thought about what to write next, except that it must be something related to the movie and godly world. It’s because in life, the next chapter is not something that is already written. Many people think that movies are made in that way, so that the script you have made for it is what ends up in the movie. The truth is, that there is a huge amount of work being done to change and make the script adapt the circumstances that exist. Doing things and acting out in the real world is much different than planning for it. While most movies could never see a good mode of development without an accurate plan, it always changes. These changes are often rather dramatic and end up being enlightening experiences. For a director, it’s a moment of learning any second of the whole production process.

Having gone through these transformations, both on screen and within myself. I can say that regarding career choices, this one has been by far the most rewarding. Not everyone can do it, and it really takes balls to make it through this competitive world. Funny though, it’s just never enough and anyone who becomes successful in directing is going to look for more and new ways to express themselves. Perhaps there is a common feature of movie makers in general, that they need to be heard and seen. Not always liked of course, which is why I have always encouraged the most raw and selfless form of “flick production”.

The next step for someone like me, was travel, cultures and other countries. It didn’t have to be a movie production, but any kind of shows and theatre became something very much of interest to me. In the following few posts, I will be discussing come of the great journeys through the even greater land of China. In the republic where everything is colour red, well oh my god, blood becomes beautiful. While horror is not well known in China, perhaps it’s time to look into other genre of art. Or perhaps, introduce some of the western habits to the Chinese people. Likewise, at best this trip is going to be a learning experience for everyone involved.

See you on the road, but without motorcycles this time!