The Journey to a World of Entertainment

The movie “Dear God No!” has opened up a whole new world of terrible possibilities. Those which we hope to share on this almighty god forsaken blog-thingy. It’s not just about a horror movie, but a journey throughout the vast land that we have learned to call “the earth”. This globe that is now filled with show biz, and excitement is giving a change to anyone who dares to try. The Dear God No! was perhaps one of the best such examples, where by simply spewing a creation made a big enough speck onto this planet to have an impact.

This is about the harsh realities with no border in-between beauty and ugliness. It is an attempt for a man to find meaning in the non-meaning that surrounds us all. Like it or not, this ride will not be on motorcycles but on an even faster mobile highway of the beautiful mind.

We will go to see theatre, from movies to circus creations. Anything that makes that little speck just a little bit wider along with our understanding of what is entertainment. This is now something personal and we are more aware than ever how officially we are involved in the showbiz of the mother fucking earth.

No crew, no limits. Just a bunch of old and trashed directors roaming the world with a bag full of objectives, larger than mind. Dear god, please show as the light.



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  1. Man, you really know your entertainment! Looking forward as far as the moon! Thanks!


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