Travel is the Salt of my Godless Life

Everyone has their salt in life, right?! Mine is in travelling, exploring and roaming through this weird and funny world. At least that’s how I see it and I totally know how others will see everything in a totally different way. It’s called human nature as it is often talked about.

I think that the way I see has been shaped a lot by the films, especially when it comes to horror. Making a horror flick is something where you don’t care a shit about the viewer. Instead, it simply leads you to a dark place within your own mind. This moment in space, and time is one of the most creative and beautiful things I know that exists. It might not be the perfect outcome for a film but it is a rewarding experience.

When I do my trips to somewhere in some corner of the globe, I have a similar flashback. I go to places I have never been to and seek for experience that makes me wonder or ask the question: “What the heck am I doing here?”. It’s all about the rebel within us, that doesn’t believe in god but goes beyond it in a universal existence and understanding. I don’t even like to have much salt in my food but it is perhaps because there is not that much need for it in a trippy life like mine.

Perhaps you are wondering, when I will get to the point and reveal the stuff I am doing on these trips. All I can say to my dear readers, oh my, the time will come sooner or later. Better later, but not as late as a movie production would ever take to release a film. Because this stuff is live with authentic intent to be something individual, something unique that at the end of the day after writing all this I wil think to my self: “Why the heck am I even trying?”. But the answer is in the question, which makes me and my friends think forever. Because there are no ultimate answers, there is only the experience here and now.

So if you think different, challenge me please. I love to change my way of thinking, over and over again. Doesn’t even need to be something better because if it sucks, like a bad movie or something, then I won’t stick around for long. Another fact that we can call human nature.

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  1. Very cool attitude and besides this being a gross movie site.. I’m especially interested in all of your very own travel experiences that you are willing to share.

    Keep it up 🙂

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