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Oh my god. I had landed to the country where horror is hard to find, and it feels like a teddy bear world made for a controlled population. And when I say that people are controlled, I don’t mean that in China people would be any more or less subject to this stuff. In fact, I believe that in the west the conditioned mind is even stronger in some ways because there are absolutely no control to what kind of “poo” you can give to the audience and wash their brains with. In China, everyone is strictly monitored, censored and published with permission with the government. That’s why even in a city like Shanghai, going to a movie theatre might land you with a scene where Japanese are getting beat up in war. That’s because the government favours things like, hating the Japanese and praising the Chinese. So including that stuff into your movie, will increase your chances of getting approved. Now that is f*cked up to say the least but hey, in America that standards of “being approved” are just different. And being censored means that no one funds your production, and therefore there is no way to release your movie. It’s all controlled wherever you go is my point.

But for this and other reasons Shanghai is actually a very very fun place. Especially if you have a friend with you. Mine is a local guide called ‘Adam’ and he has been very considerate and skilful in English. (You can get to know more about this private tour guide services at which is awesome) As well as, best of all knows a lot about the city and it’s huge number of movie theaters! In other words, he is my private Shanghai tour guide and a very good one at that. He doesn’t believe in god, but his religion is money and only a little bit of help, is in fact a big change in his wallet. That’s why people like him are very motivated to work very hard and to give me the best service possible. It’s not always that simple, but I have found it to be a very big element in this game of life that is going on in the big city.

I have been enjoying the nightlife, some theatre productions and even Chinese acrobatics (more about that later guys). Plus of course I went to see some Chinese movies that had English subtitles on the bottom. One thing that I noticed was that the subtitles are very fast so you have to be a fast reader to get the most out of the them. It’s just one of those curious things in China, where some things are just for the sake of being. Perhaps the government has decided “we will have English subtitles on all films to promote learning of the language amongst Chinese”. Which actually has no effect on that and also because it’s probably not being monitored very well, you end up with money being thrown into expensive translations that no one is reading, or isn’t fast enough to read. But then, some guy from the USA comes to Shanghai and is like whoa, subs.. I can understand this and his happy at least. It’s really funny how China is full of these interesting facts.

Adam has often pointed out to be on my private tour that his guidance is to experience the real, local China. Their way of believing this is almost like if you are on your own there is no way to experience the country. I don’t think that’s entirely true, but having a guide is extremely helpful for those who are not on a budget. Either way, this city is extremely enjoyable and I recommend it to anyone, no matter what kind of films you like to watch.



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  1. Awesome tour. Would love to hear loads more about your crazy adventures in Shanghai or elsewhere in the world.
    Keep it up mr.

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